Management Advisory & Consulting Services


D’Huyvetter & Swichkow, P.C. provides a wide range of management advisory and consulting services including:

  • Design and implementation of both manual and computer accounting and financial reporting systems
  • Litigation support in such areas as divorce, shareholder or other business or investment disputes
  • Consultation on various computer hardware and software matters
  • Consultation on pension and profit sharing plans
  • Counseling on personal finance and assistance in analyzing investment opportunities
  • Consultation in the area of risk management
  • Aid in obtaining personal and corporate financing

This list covers some of our basic management advisory and consulting services. Other services can be provided to clarify specific needs and problems. We are available for consultation on various matters in order to effectively generate tax savings and utilize those tax advantages available to our clients.

Please contact us via phone at 404.231.3500 or email us at to discuss your specific needs. We are dedicated to providing personalized and timely service to each of our clients.

We really appreciate your interest!